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“I have recently been trying to chart historical data in Excel in a bar chart format and found the “canned” graph allows only for high, low, and close, but not the open.  Do you have a simple way to add the open tick to a bar chart in Excel?”

There are four types of stock charts included in excel.


High Low Close

Open High Low Close

Volume High Low Close

Volume Open High Low Close

Select the Open High Low Close option.

If you want to also plot volume which I suspect may be the case, I always just used the Open High Low close chart then add in the volume as a new bar chart on the stock chart. To do this:

first setup your stock chart with open high low close. It should look something like this.



click on the outer edge of the chart so that it is highlighted, click on “chart” from the menu bar and select “add data”. Select the volume column as your data.


Now your chart will look messed up because volume is plotted on the primary axis (along with price).

To change this just right click on the volume bar series (on the chart itself) and select “format data series”. next click on the “axis tab” and change to “secondary axis”. Next you may want to change the secondary axis scale so that volume stays way down below price. Once that is done your chart should look something like this.


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