Simulator.xls Change Log

These changes apply to S&P 500 Futures Trading Simulator

*added “REPLAY” button to replay all tick data with no delay between each tick. In replay mode it is not possible to enter orders unlike simulator mode.  Replay displays an entire days data in a few minutes.


*If user does not have data.xls open a message box will remind that it has to be open and exit the procedure.


* removed onchange event trigger from bardata sheet to speed up worksheet.


  1. blotka1234 says:

    I've just started exploring your simulatorSMA.xls spreadsheet. I wonder if you can help me with this:
    1. how to change the SMA parameter from 20 (I believe) to 3 or 9, for example?
    2. how to add second or more SMAs, I would like to test the "guppy method"?

    Thanks for shearing your spreadsheets ...

  2. ExcelTrader says:

    The 20 SMA is in place mostly as an example. you can overwrite it with your own formulas and all columns to the right. If you just want to change the sma from a 20 period to 3 then change "=IF(E2>1,AVERAGE(E2:E21),NA())" =IF(E19>1,AVERAGE(E19:E21),NA()). Next you would drag the new formula (autofill) down to the last row so that all formulas reflect the change.

    Place other SMA's in any other columns (on BarData sheet to the right of the data/SMA). if you want to see other SMA's on the chart follow this guide.

  3. blotka1234 says:

    Thank you for your help ... my BarData sheet works just fine, but your guide of how to add another/more series on a chart does not apply to Excel2007, unfortunately ... I have added a few more data sources to take care of another/more SMAs and that's about it ... I have no idea of how to make them visible ... I do not see any option to "Format Data Series" if they are invisible ... Am I missing something?

  4. ExcelTrader says:

    This version has a new button added on the Settings sheet so that you can easily add a data series to the chart (a code based version of the method described here). After pressing the button you will be prompted to enter the column letter where the data is located.

  5. blotka1234 says:

    You've done it! I'm working on it, but it works! I definitely need books on Excel VBA!

    Excellent help Mr. ExcelTrader! Thank you 1000 times!

  6. User1234 says:

    I have gone through using your simulatorSMA.xls spreadsheet. I would say the spreadsheet was wonderful and thanks for sharing. However, there are some part regarding "BarData" which I am quite confused. Could you kindly explain to me what does B150(Yellow), C150(Green), D150(Black), E150(Orange) and as well as G150:J150 indicates?

  7. ExcelTrader says:

    B,C,D,E is Open, High, Low, close. G:J is for charting purposes. (Up volume, down volume, and data labels)

  8. VbaLearner says:

    Hey, nice work you have there. May i ask if i will be able to do a similar simulator on line chart leaving out the volume,high,low and only show the close?

    Thanks! your very good with ur vba.

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