Excel Based Automated Channels

This is a channel based ES trading system that I programmed in Excel. The channels are drawn using VBA and array forumulas. This is an example of a somewhat complicated system created in excel.


  1. Andy Peters says:

    D'you have this as a download ? How's it doing ? I gather its based on Hershey's system, although I only know some of the basics of it. Where d'you get your live data feed and sim trading platform from ?
    I have developed profitable automated Excel systems for betting and I'm very interested in automated systems for trading too.
    Any info would be useful.

  2. The automated channel system in the video is an excel based system running on interactive Brokers data/API. The channel portion of the system was inspired by the document "Channels for building Wealth", by John T Hershey. The Logic used in entering/exiting are my own inventions and use the channels for reference. Although I have a lot of trading files for download I have chosen to keep this file private and post the video more as an example of what Microsoft Excel is capable of. Thanks for the question!

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