Suggested Excel Setup for Trading

The following are the settings that I recommend for using Excel for live trading and/or running my files such as simulator.xls etc.

  1. Disable Auto recover by selecting Tools>Options and selecting the “Save” tab. Uncheck “Save AutoRecover info every:”.  Instead make it a practice to always save backups of your trading files anytime you make changes.
  2. Once your file is complete and you are ready to trade, disable error checking by selecting Tools>Options and selecting the “error checking” tab. Uncheck “Enable background error checking”.
  3. Disable Macro Security, by selecting Tools>Macro>Security and setting it to low. If you are going to download excel files off the internet from untrusted sources, you will want to temporarily re enable macro security.
  4. As previously posted, I would not suggest using Vista/2007 unless you have a newer computer with extremely fast processor.

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