Stockbacktest.xls Update – Chart Scale

In the previous version of Stockbacktest.xls, running the download and backtest in Excel 2000 resulted in an improperly scaled chart. This problem has now been fixed.


  1. colin francis says:

    Like trading with excel, Interested in what you have made in Excel and are you interested in sharing your code

  2. ExcelTrader says:

    colin, there is a list of some of my recent excel based projects here. The files/code that I share is listed under free products. The code is not password protected.

  3. ExcelTrader, the link for Stockbacktest.xls seems to point to StochasticVBA.xls for some reason.

  4. ExcelTrader says:

    Thanks Jake. I have updated the link stockbacktest.xls

  5. Hello ExcelTrader,
    I downloaded converter, run/press Convert but with no result.
    It opens new workbook but it all blank.

    What possible error could be?

  6. ExcelTrader says:


    The source file should be opened in the same instance of excel. (first open data converter then open your data file from the file menu). Other possibilities would be misspelled workbook/worksheet names and/or incorrect data column settings.

  7. Florian Scholz says:

    Hello Exceltrader,

    just to make it clear: I am allowed to use your code to implement it in other projects, right?
    Thanks for your fabulous work on the backtest tool.

  8. ExcelTrader says:

    Florian, Thanks and I'm glad you have found the file useful. You are welcome to use the code for personal use.

  9. Hello excel trader , i m in INDIA how i use ur products in my country.

  10. ExcelTrader says:

    You commented on stockbacktest.xls so to use this file you could enter the yahoo symbol for any stock on National Stock Exchange of India(NSE) or BSE on the settings tab. For example KFA.BO (Kingfisher Airlines Limited).

  11. ExcelTrader thanks for uploading Stockbacktest.xls

    I am facing some problem with the file. When I enter data in cell "B14"; say 9 and also enter the SMA of average of 8 and SMA2 as average of 5. And then when I do backtest; i find no results in columns from "AI" onward. Pls clear my doubt if some modifications are required to be done in macros ?

  12. ExcelTrader says:

    rachit, In columns AI to AN, the formulas need to be complete in all cells to the row you have entered in cell B14 on the settings sheet.

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