Stock Dividend Data Downloader.

*Last updated 9/24/2012

In response to feedback from users in the comments below, the Stock Dividend data downloader has been completely rewritten and and the new file named “DivDates_V2.xls” is available for download here.

The dividend data.

  1. Ex Dividend Date
  2. Dividend Amount
  3. Dividend Yield.
  4. Last Price

The instructions are:

  1. Enter your symbols in Column A
  2. Press the “Get Dividend Data” button.

Below is an screenshot of DivDates_V2.xls.


  1. Happy user says:


    I want to ask you about the 'Stock Dividend Data Downloader' utility that you provide at your site. I see that it downloads quickly the dividend dates of symbols such as BAC and JPM from yahoo. How can I get the dates for their derivatives and preferred stocks that pay dividend. In yahoo they are spelled with a ticker such as BAC-PH or JPM-PZ, but when I enter them like this it doesn't download the dividend date. Please help me out.

  2. ExcelTrader says:

    In order for the excel program to retrieve the dates, they must be available from yahoo. It looks like dividend data is not available from yahoo for those symbols (yahoo shows "N/A")

  3. Your Earnings and Dividend downloader are great!
    Can you write a similar macro to retreive

    "Days To Cover (Short Interest Ratio)" and "Short Percent of Float" or any other relevant numbers?

    Some sources i found here:
    but there could be better and more reliable sources.


  4. i have to ask where you are downloading data from. you say earlier yahoo, but this doesnt make sense. alliancebernstein (ab) is a 2.2% yield according to the site itself but the spreadsheet spits out 6.91%

  5. ExcelTrader says:

    The yield is from yahoo. Here is the direct link Thanks for reporting the issue though. It does appear that the yield of 6.93 is a historical yield. In a future update I will add the future yield. (all of which are available here.)

  6. Can you add the actual dividend amount that has been declared? Since the yield changes based on the price of the stock I would rather see the amount of the dividend.

  7. How do I get it to give me the dividend amount.

  8. Great tool, however, it seems that the ex-div date being pulled is the previous date and not the current. Can you fix this?

  9. Hi,
    is it possible to use the Excel/VBA Automated Trading Platform for trading with stocks?

  10. ExcelTrader says:

    dotan, sure. On the settings form enter the stock symbol. Under "Exchange" change from globex to "SMART". Under Type change to "STK".

  11. Thank you for doing this. This is a very usefull tool...but it could be even more usefull. As noted by others above, the best data to show would be the actual dividend rate -not the yield%. People can do the yield math themselves (dividend rate per share / stock price per share). As the share price fluctuates, the yield obviously fluctuates as well. The actual dividend rate is easier to use and seems like it wouldn't be hard to add or even replace your yield data. It would be great if you could do this. Thanks again.

  12. Yes, thanks Excel Trader for the great posts. For others, if you google yahoo data parameters, you will find the various items that Yahoo will give you. To get dividend/share vs. yield, find ExcelTrader's code line
    yAHooURl = "" & SyM & "&f=y"
    and change the "&f=y" to "&f=d". You will want to change the Column D heading also to Dividend/Share.

  13. Great tool, thanks for making! I have an excel sheet where I'm pulling in quote information from MSN already (got template off web) - can you tell me how to add just the column for dividend yield into my own spreadsheet?

    Thanks so much!

  14. Do you know the ex-div date is not extract correct. For example Ace stock ex-div date Sep26 2012, yet the extract is Jul 27 2012. I have no ideas what is going wrong here. Anyone could help

  15. ExcelTrader says:

    JC , the new version is now in place which will give the expected date of Sept 26.

  16. I downloaded “DivDates_V2.xls” and pressed Get Dividend Data button and all I got was N/As in collumns 1, 2, & 4 and Opx; in collumn 3. I had AAPL, XOM, and MSFT in collumn A. What did I do worng? What can I do to correct it?

  17. ExcelTrader says:

    Reb, I tested the symbols as you described and I get data for all. DivDates_V2 relies on being able to open a hidden instance of Internet Explorer, if you find the the issue persists verify that you can open in internet explorer. It's possible that if the page does not fully load there is a blocked popup requesting you to install a plugin it could cause data retrieval to fail.

  18. I keep getting this message;
    .Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False
    when I click debug, any idea what is going wrong?

  19. ExcelTrader says:

    .Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False

    The line you reference does not exist in DivDate_V2.xls. If you are using an old version try downloading the current file.

  20. Richard says:

    What about for Mutual Funds? It does not pull the dividend for that. How would I pull div info for MFs? Thank you for the macro!

  21. I can only get three stocks to work out of a list of ten. Please help, Thanks

  22. God bless your generous soul !!

  23. How many symbols does this support. Can I download more than one page?

  24. I like the excel. thanks.. Now i am getting a run time error. '-2147467259(80004005)
    automation error. going in debug, this is the line Set oiWrp = New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer

  25. TheMoneyMadam says:

    I press get dividends and it loads 1/3 of the stock list which has 52 symbols and then nothing. I hate this program but can find no others.

  26. The ex-dividend date does not seem right. For example, it's showing 12/30/2015 for the stock symbol 'CXW' instead of 3/30/2016. Out of the 11 symbols which I tried, only 3 were correct, showing future dates.

  27. Hi, I just tried it and it doesn't seem to work. It shows only N/A after I clicked on "Get Dividend Data" on C, GE and PFE.


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