How to Install TWS on a 64 bit Windows 7 system.

If you are unable to run TWS after installing on a 64 bit system, below are the instructions that will avoid the “missing shortcut” error that you might encounter and allow you to run TWS as expected.

  1. Install 32 bit Java. (remove any old java installations first)
  2. Install TWS (followed by the API if you are using it)
  3. Copy the file “Javaw.exe” from “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin” and place it in “C:\Windows\System32”
  4. Now open from the TWS shortcut as normal.


  1. Hi, great work and thanks for the code samples. I'll be purchasing the automated trading platform when i can. Meanwhile a question. You are getting your data through IB's TWS via DDE? Does this mean that I have to have an account open with IB? I don't think that's going to happen for a while (for me) since they require now $10K to open an account, yes? Is there any other way to secure a DDE link into Excel? I'm guessing that other ways would also involve opening an account with a broker, yes? TIA

  2. ExcelTrader says:

    As you are researching brokers, you will want to look for their API documentation. There are many brokers with systems in place to integrate with excel, some are easier to work with than others. (Some brokers keep the documentation somewhat hidden and only accessible to developers after submitting non disclosure agreements and personal info. ). However, the most common broker that I am asked to work with is IB. The most common data vendor is esignal with qlink (provides historical and live data for a monthly fee).

  3. Jan Hoogstraaten says:

    Thanks! This was very helpful.

  4. Thanks a lot for solving a lot of headaches. :)

  5. It works! Thanks a lot!

  6. frustraded customer says:

    AMAZING ive been having this problem with absolutely no indication of this problem on IB's website. After not finding the java executable i had to login to the website, download everything needed and by the time i was in my account I had lost 4grand after being up 3 grand 15 minutes earlier (when i was trying to login). IB is good if you are prepared for all this crap but please beware the other 90%

  7. Right click on TWS-shortcut, select "properties". What does it say in that line called "target" ?Solution for me was:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe" -cp jts.jar;hsqldb.jar;jcommon-1.0.12.jar;jfreechart-1.0.9.jar;jhall.jar;other.jar;rss.jar -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true -Xmx1024M -XX:MaxPermSize=512M jclient/LoginFrame C:\Jts

    The quotation marks are needed since windows doesn't allow for blanks in the path.

    Works for win7 at least.

  8. ExcelTrader says:

    Note that this issue now appears to be fixed by IB updating TWS to properly handle 64 bit installs. However I can only confirm this based on an install of java and TWS on a newly formatted windows 7 PC.

  9. The fix didnt work for me it kept asking me to locate the file manually. AK's fix worked though I changed the Target in the shortcut properties to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe" -cp .......

  10. In my case it was fixed when I install java 64 version, it was missing, I had only 32 version of Java and I am running w7 64 bits, once installed all worked fine again.

  11. Anonymous says:

    please help, i'm facing same issue, but after follow instruction still unsolved...i'm using windows 8

  12. Heuristocrat says:

    I had this problem and followed some instructions on IB to TWS Properties and update the path to javaw.exe to be C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ and it worked like a charm. (I did a search on "javaw" on the IB website to find the link which shows up under a "DLL" title.)

  13. Java was the issue for me too - got rid of 32 bit which seemed to be the default installation ,installed the 64 bit and reinstalled TWS .Works like a charm at speeds havent seen for ages ,

  14. THanks you! says:

    works on windows XP 32bit!!

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