Excel/VBA Automated Trading Platform

*current version is 1.1.06 Released 5/26/2014 (changelog)

ATS.xls is a full featured Excel/VBA based automated trading, charting and backtesting solution for trading S&P futures! (Symbol ES, Emini, aka. E-Mini, globex)

*Tested and compatible with Excel 2000, 2003  2007, 2010.


  • Displays indicators
  • Displays entry and exit points
  • Configurable time frames
  • Displays both actual and projected volume
  • Choose from Constant Volume Bars or Time based charting

Two distinct modes: Live Trading with Interactive Brokers or Backtesting offline with tick data.

  • A tested strategy can be Immediately implemented for live trading.


  • Provides a fast start Trading System development environment.
  • No VBA needed. Just enter your formula based rules/Indicators

Live trading:

  • Automated trading for Interactive Brokers.
  • Verifies filled orders before proceeding with next order.
  • Optional audible order entrys. (example:”Opening Long position at 900.25″, requires Excel 2003 or higher)
  • Orders triggered by your custom indicators



  • Automated Backtesting visual mode shows every tick and orders on Chart
  • Automated Backtesting fast mode gives daily P&L results in seconds
  • Unattended unlimited multi-day Bulk Processing Backtest mode
  • Rebuilds Open High Low Close data from tick data
  • over a year of ES tick data provided

There are three ways to run a backtest:

Fast backtest – runs one day at a time quickly, but you can’t see anything happening until the test is done.

Backtest – runs one day at a time and displays every tick and buy/sell on graph


Backtest All Data – Runs backtest on all data.xls files. Completely unattended. Each days daily P/L is saved to a separate log file for later review.


Unlike overpriced trading software that is often too limited for advanced or unusual trading systems, This highly configurable trading platform is just $89.00.

After clicking “Buy Now” and checking out through Paypal, click on “return to merchant” (from paypal checkout) and you will immediately be redirected to your download link! In addition, you will also immediately and automatically be emailed your download link. (The email will go to your paypal email address).


  1. Can I use your system with other brokers NOT interactive brokers?

  2. Can I use your system with other brokers NOT interactive brokers?

  3. Anonymous says:

    1-can this be easily modified to accept data from another broker via dde links?
    2-Can this be modified to plot market profile, etc?.

  4. Can this be used for FOREX Trading ?

  5. I'm interested on entering simple option trades (put or call) via excel since I have other numbers in front of me the, can I use your excel spreadsheet to enter a manual trade?

  6. Andrew Bannerman says:

    Can I use this for daily data? I would trade end of day...... and by next next market open - I will manually import .csv into the indicator section and when my thresholds are met, the trade will auto execute... I would be importing open, high, low, close, volume bars

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