Constant Volume Charts added

I have added the option of constant volumeĀ  bar charts (as alternative to time based) for the Excel/VBA based automated trading platform

The constant volume bar option, updates a new bar after a certain amount of volume has completed. This amount should be entered into D3 of the “Live” sheet. Checks are in place to prompt if the values are not entered and the constant volume is set to override the default time based bars.

Below is an example of Constant volume bar charting. You will notice that each bar contains roughly the same amount of volume.


Excel/VBA Automated Trading Platform – Added Projected Volume

changelog for Excel/VBA Automated Trading Platform

Projected volume for the current volume bar is now displayed in grey. In the example below, the red bar shows actual volume. The grey bar shows projected volume based on the current pace of volume and the amount of time left for the current bar.

Projected volume can be useful when the current bar is relatively new and a sudden increase in the pace of volume may otherwise not be evident until the bar is nearing it’s close.

(see example shown in image below)


changelog for Excel/VBA Automated Trading Platform