Stockbacktest.xls Update – Chart Scale

In the previous version of Stockbacktest.xls, running the download and backtest in Excel 2000 resulted in an improperly scaled chart. This problem has now been fixed.

Constant Volume Charts added

I have added the option of constant volumeĀ  bar charts (as alternative to time based) for the Excel/VBA based automated trading platform

The constant volume bar option, updates a new bar after a certain amount of volume has completed. This amount should be entered into D3 of the “Live” sheet. Checks are in place to prompt if the values are not entered and the constant volume is set to override the default time based bars.

Below is an example of Constant volume bar charting. You will notice that each bar contains roughly the same amount of volume.


Stockbacktest.xls Update

changelog for stockbacktest.xls

Added a box to always display the last opened position and price into a static cell. This allows the use of formula based trailing stops based on the entry price.


Stockbacktest.xls Update

changelog for stockbacktest.xls

Added choice to use either percent of account balance (compounding), or set number of shares


Fixed issue where position was closed and reopened on the same day, which made it appear as if a position was opened without a prior postition being closed.

changelog for stockbacktest.xls